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Aqua Portishead


Aqua Whiteladies

Refurbishment date: Summer 2022 / Client: Aqua & Mobius Works

Project Value: £150k / Joinery Value: £18k


Works Completed:
Wall Panelling, Bar refurbishment, Reception Desk Refurbishment , Oak Screen, Door replacements, General carpentry works

aqua 2.jpg
whiteladies 2.jfif
whiteladies 3.jfif
white ladies 4.jfif
whiteladies 5.jfif
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aqua 1.jpg

Refurbishment date: Jan 2023 / Client: Aqua Whiteladies

Project Value: £150k / Joinery Value: £35k


Works Completed:
Main Front Entrance, Wall Panelling, New Reception Desk,  Porch Area, Server Trolley, Additional step, General carpentry works

Cafe Assisi 

bravas 1.JPG
brvas 2.JPG
bravas 3.JPG
brvas 4.JPG
bravas 5.JPG
bravas 6.JPG

Refurbishment date: 2022 / Client: Cafe Assisi & Mobius

Works Completed:
Generic carpentry & joinery works on site, Boxing in and shelving units

Bath Chocolate Shop

bath choc 1.JPG
bath choc 2.JPG
bath choc 3.JPG
bath choc 4.JPG
bath choc 6.JPG
bath choc 5.JPG
bath choc 7.JPG
bath choc 8.JPG

Refurbishment date: 2020 - 2021 / Client: Bath Chocolate Shop

Project Value: £60k / Joinery Value: £18k

Works Completed:
Making & fitting the shop counter, benches, window worktop bar, shop front renovation, viewing window, fire door installation and making the serving counter, display counter and shelving. 

The Athenian 


Refurbishment date: 2021 / Client: Athenian & Mobius

Project Value: £40k / Joinery Value: £3k

Works Completed:
L Shape bespoke custom design bar, General carpentry & joinery works

Custom Bar

jin 1.JPG
gin 2.JPG
gin 3.JPG
gin 4.JPG
gin 5.JPG
gin 6.JPG
gin 7.JPG

Refurbishment date: 2021 / Client: SJP Interior Design & Private Client

Project Value: £120k / Joinery Value: £5.5k


Works Completed:
Custom Design bar unit, Shelfing, Fit out , General Carpentry works 

Laser Tag, Swindon

lazer  tag 1.jpg
laser tag 2.jpg
laser tag 3.jpg
laser tag 5.jpg
laser tage 4.jpg

Refurbishment date: 2022 / Client: Mobius Works

Works Completed:
New bar handmade, designed and fitted. New worktop and storage spaces.

Office Reception Desk

sjp client desk.jpg
sjp client desk 2.jpg
sjp client desk 3.jpg
sjp client desk 5.jpg
sjp client desk 6.jpg
sjp client desk 8.jpg
sjp client desk 4.jpg

Refurbishment date: 2022 / Client: SJP Interior Design

Joinery Value: £2.5k


Works Completed:
Bespoke desk with walnut slat wall along the front and solid walnut for a top surface.

TV Showcase - 'Renovate Don't Relocate'

sarah b 1.JPG
sarah b 2.JPG
sarah b 3.JPG
sarah b 4.JPG
sarah b 5.JPG
sarah b 6.JPG
sarah b 7.JPG

Refurbishment date: 2020 / Client: Sarah Beeney & Private Client

Joinery Value: £9k


Works Completed:
As seen on TV with Sarah Beeney's 'Renovate, don't Relocate'. 4 Custom Built wardrobes in 3 rooms, dressing room completion with storage saver pull down bed.

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